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At Elevation Boxing, we’ve reimagined the boxing gym as a space where everyone can harness the raw energy of boxing in a welcoming, no-contact environment. We believe in the impact of the punch, shaping not only bodies but also fostering confidence and a sense of community among our members.

We’ve stepped away from sparring to focus solely on bag workouts, ensuring a safe space where you can sweat, smile, and push your limits without the worry of direct confrontation. Our classes are designed to be accessible, empowering you to unleash your full potential in a controlled, energetic setting.

Our four signature classes – each with its own unique intensity and focus – offer something for everyone. ‘Sweat Box’ gets your heart racing with high-intensity drills, ‘Strength Box’ challenges your strength with kettlebells and boxing, ‘Kick Box’ sharpens your kick and punch moves and ‘The Body Builder’ is your destination for deep muscle work and toning.

Join us at Elevation Boxing, where every session is a step toward a stronger, and better version of you, in an environment that’s all about positive energy and results.


In the heart of Utrecht stands Elevation Boxing, a place born from a vision to create a sanctuary where the discipline of boxing transforms lives. Our founders saw beyond the gloves and bags — they envisioned a community united by the thrill of the fight and the pursuit of personal bests.


the experience

The moment you step through our doors, the Elevation experience envelops you. The rhythmic thud of gloves against bags, the unified breaths of exertion, the encouraging shouts of trainers — all merge into a symphony of determination. Here, every class is more than a workout; it’s an exhilarating journey of discovery, pushing you past what you thought possible.


Balance is key for us, it’s woven into our classes. In our Sweat Box session, you’ll feel the pulse of high-intensity challenges, while the Strength Box maintains a steady rhythm, reminiscent of a calm river flowing. We recognise that achieving peak fitness, a combination of challenging workouts and proper rest is essential.


At Elevation Boxing, care is our cornerstone. We create an environment where safety comes first, and well-being is part of every class. Our no-sparring approach ensures that every member leaves feeling uplifted and empowered, without the battle scars.


At Elevation Boxing, care is our cornerstone. We nurture a space where safety is paramount and well-being is woven into every class. Our no-sparring approach ensures that every member leaves with an uplifted spirit and a stronger body, without the bruises of combat.

our approach


Our approach is all about including and supporting everyone. We know each member’s journey is different, and we’re here for you at every step. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced boxer, we’re cheering for you in every punch, every move, and every success in both fitness and life.

In every punch and dodge, in the victories seen on tired but smiling faces after a session, Elevation Boxing tells a story, a story where everyone is the hero of their own fitness journey.

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Step into your strength at Elevation Boxing - Where every hit is a step towards greatness.

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