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Step into our Classes at Elevation Boxing, where every punch, lift, and kick is a step toward your best self. Our lineup includes the calorie-burning ‘Sweat Box’, the strength-enhancing ‘Strength Box’, the technique-driven ‘Kick Box’, and the physique-defining ‘The Body Builder’. Designed for safety and fun, our sessions promise a rush of energy and a community that cheers you on as you forge a fitter, happier you. Feel the power, and leave each class with a great feeling and a smile.

Sweat box

Intense Cardio Burn

Sweat box


Our Sweat Box class is a powerhouse of a workout, perfectly blending HIIT with dynamic boxing drills that target every muscle group. Feel the intensity with every punch, driving your stamina up and your stress levels down. This is where you come to ignite your fitness routine and leave feeling not just drenched in sweat, but with new found determination, ready to tackle life’s challenges head-on.

strength box

boxing meets lifting

strength box

Elevate your strength and stamina with our Strength Box classes, where the rhythmic intensity of boxing meets the challenges of kettlebell training. Power through a series of rigorous boxing bag drills to sharpen your agility and coordination, then transition to kettlebell and bodyweight moves that sculpt muscle and build functional strength. It’s a workout designed to test and enhance your physical limits session by session.


Dynamic Combat Training


Step up to our kickboxing bag workout, a perfect storm of energy and precision, where the art of kickboxing blends with high intensity. Each strike against the bag is a step toward mastering your form, as you carve out a warrior’s physique with a relentless drive. Feel the rush of progress in every round, crafting not just muscle and stamina but also the unstoppable spirit of a fighter, all through a empowering session with the bag.

the body builder

Pure Sculpting Session

the body builder

Embark on a fitness journey with our kettlebell class. Dynamic lifts and powerful swings, targeting every muscle for a stronger, more toned body. Quick yet effective movements in our sessions aim to bring out your best, leading to a leaner, more defined you. Mastering kettlebell techniques not only sculpts your body but also builds endurance and power for a thriving life.

Kickstart Session to box

Step into our Kickstart Session for just €19, where you'll glove up and discover the basics of boxing in one powerful session. It's your first step to mastering the art of the punch and embarking on an empowering fitness journey.

Step into your strength at Elevation Boxing - Where every hit is a step towards greatness.

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