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Are you new to boxing or do you already have some experience? We’ve got you covered! At Elevation, we offer two great options to start your fitness adventure:

Option 1: Free trial class

Experience a real boxing class for free. It's perfect for those with little or no experience. Test the waters before making any financial commitment.

Option 2: Kickstart session (€19)

Ideal for beginners or those who've already tried a free trial. Dive into a dedicated session where we teach you the basics of boxing. A small investment for a focused and personalized introduction.

Kickstart Session to box

Step into our Kickstart Session for just €19, where you'll glove up and discover the basics of boxing in one powerful session. It's your first step to mastering the art of the punch and embarking on an empowering fitness journey.

Step into your strength at Elevation Boxing - Where every hit is a step towards greatness.

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