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Find Your Fight: Explore our schedule to select a class that aligns with your goals and timetable. From the high-energy ‘Sweat Box’ to the focused finesse of ‘Kick Box’, each session is designed to challenge and uplift. Our classes are exclusively bag work, ensuring a no-spar, safe environment for all. Interested beginners might start with our Kickstart Session – a great way to learn the basics for just €19, with no obligation. Whether you’re new to boxing or a seasoned enthusiast, our schedule caters to all, offering a welcoming community and a pathway to fitness excellence. Reserve your spot today and join us at Elevation Boxing, where every punch bags a new peak in your fitness journey.


HIIT workout fused with dynamic boxing bag drills designed to ignite your muscles and drench you in sweat. Elevate your fitness level as you punch through intense rounds, emerging stronger and energised with every session.

Strength Box

Unleash your strength as you alternate between boxing bag drills and muscle-sculpting exercises, crafting a lean physique and an unbeatable spirit with every electrifying class.

kick box

Ignite your workout with the fusion of kickboxing and strong determination, shaping a warrior physique as you dominate the bag, one electrifying round at a time.


A dynamic workout experience with quick and effective strength exercises with the help of kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells, we focus on toning and building every muscle, paving the way for a leaner and stronger you.

Kickstart Session to box

Step into our Kickstart Session for just €19, where you'll glove up and discover the basics of boxing in one powerful session. It's your first step to mastering the art of the punch and embarking on an empowering fitness journey.

Step into your strength at Elevation Boxing - Where every hit is a step towards greatness.

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